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Thank You

Starting a new show is difficult, replacing one is possibly harder because you have a lot to live up to. 

We've had a lot of help, and we feel we should mark that by creating a list of people who have done just that little bit more than would normally be expected to help us out. 

It'll probably end up being a long list and on which we'll try our best to name everyone, but if we miss someone off through our own fallability ( well Adrian's, because he's typing this ) please believe that you still have our thanks. 

This list will be added to now and then, but just to begin with, and without further ado, here goes.......

Setting up things......

Rhona Wharton, Ruth Flynn and Fiona Kirtley - Wives and partners who listened without complaining ( much ), offered thoughts and advice and still like us.

Thomas Hopwood - for being an almost silent partner.

Martin Wharton - Technical and Internet things, this website you're looking at too.

Charlotte Wharton - Legal advice and contracts.

Alex Crisp - Design of posters, Flyers and pop up banners.

Michael Kontraros - Flyer, poster and FaceBook banner design.


Nick Dransfield - Logo design.

Dennis Moloney - offering to be Chief Steward ( well, not running away when asked )

Previous form - for sharing their knowledge

Richard Windrow - Ran Euro Militaire for four years and shared a lot of his experience with us.

Geoff Illsley - Cheif judge at Euro Militaire for many, many years, again a breadth of knowledge shared ( even though he states that "Dobby's free" )

Tony Greenland - Assistant Chief Judge at Euro Militaire and again a depth of knowledge and experience shared.

David Holden - My Time Media trade organiser for Euro Militaire, a lot of tips about the hall, set-up and his take on the old show.


Gordon Mitchell - Mitch's Military Models - for being himself and promoting the show like crazy

Graham Scollick - CGS Military Figures - As above

Martyn Dorey - MDP - sending out flyers, lots of flyers !

John Page - Sphere productions - Flyers and banners.

Magazines and media

Airfix  Magazine - Chris Clifford

Tamiya Magazine - Marcus Nicholls

Model Military Magazine - Mark Willey

Military Modelling Magazine Martyn Chorlton

FPM Online magazine - Shane Rozzell, Luke Wilson

Visit Kent -


A long list, and in no particular order:-

Phil   Stutchinkas, Bill Sprint, Ian Succamore - Demonstrations and displays.

Stewarding and support - Michael   Brewshear, Lee Amey, Joanna  Amey, Robin Snelson, Nick Tebbs, Ian Macintosh, Mario Delgado, Mike Dodds, Paul Dobson, Mark Taylor, Conrad Mynett, Simon  Day, Tom   Cunningham, Norman Ottey, Roger Hartill, Chris Seeley, Nick Ball, Trevor Morgan,Gerry Larkin, Brian Keywood, Ed   Humphreys, Marta Slusarska, Mike Butler, Chris Meddings, Dave Maddox, Kev Peart,

Alex Long, Terry Neesham, Andrew Argent, Stuart Jones, John Schley,

Fabio Nunnari, David Decina, Carl Reid, Edward Sage, Janne Nillson, Adrian Bay, Ian Burton, Hardy Tempest, Dave Salter, Spencer Pollard, Ged Kincaid, Callum Talbot,